Pet Sitting

The Just Happy Dogs pet sitting service is ideal for people who have elderly or young dogs and for those who may have a variety of pet species in the house, which makes it impractical to board pets. Elderly dogs may not adapt well to unfamiliar surroundings, especially if they are infirm and require a more robust care routine. Puppies, on the other hand, can’t be boarded until they are fully immunized. Needless to say, having pets other than dogs, makes it nearly impossible to consider boarding. With this service, we can take care of all your domesticated animals.

Unlike drop-in visits, pet sitting is a concentrated block of time in which your sitter stays with your pet(s) and acts as your surrogate during that time. In other words, they would do everything that you would do for your pets in that period of time, including other chores as requested.

This service is also ideal for someone staying at a hotel or motel and who cannot leave the pet in their room alone. Also great for people at RV parks who don’t want to leave their pets in an unattended RV.

Our Pet Sitting Services

Our pet sitting service has two very flexible time slots and can be booked at any hour at your convenience 24/7:

  • Half the Night (or Day) Pet Sitting: 105
    • Five consecutive hours at your home, hotel, etc., at the start time of your choosing.*
  • All Night (or Day) Long Pet Sitting: 195
    • 11 consecutive hours at your home, hotel, RV park, etc., at the start time of your choosing.*

*For more extensive coverage, we suggest adding a drop-in visit or two to these services. (NOTE: We cannot guarantee the same sitter for these additional time slots but we can guarantee the same professionalism and care.)

We can also stay at your home for the entire time you will be away. Please contact us to discuss.

What we do during a visit

All domesticated animal related functions will be performed. This includes:

  • Feeding all of your pets.
  • Fresh water in all bowls.
  • Photos of all pets.
  • GPS tracking so you know your sitter is there.
  • Walking all dogs or letting them out in the yard.
  • A record of your dog’s “business.”
  • Companionship and playtime.
  • Cat litter scooped and fresh litter as needed.
  • Other pet related items as requested.

In addition to any pet-related activities, we’re also happy to empty the trash, take in the mail, water the plants, leave lights on or off as requested or any chores that may need doing and leave your home in the same tidy condition it was in when we arrived. It’s your house and we will treat it with respect.

What we don’t do during a visit
  • Sleep. We’re not in your home to sleep for eight of the 11 hours we’re there on the full day/night shift. Sure, when the pets are sleeping and relaxed, we’ll sit down with a good book or watch some TV but we won’t be sleeping.
  • Eat your food or drink your drinks, unless you specifically give permission. We will come prepared to feed ourselves during our stay. That also includes using your cookware, glassware, silverware, etc.
  • Take selfies and post them on social media. The only pictures we will be taking are that of your pets and they will be sent to you and will be taken in a manner that ensures your privacy.
  • Smoke or vape on your premises (inside or outside).
  • Allow unauthorized personnel into your home. Unless you tell us ahead of time, we will not allow anyone claiming to be a relative, friend, service person, etc. into your home.
Our Extras
  • Puppy/kitten rate (under one-year old): +$5.00
  • Holiday rate: +$10.00 (Includes all legal United States holidays, Thanksgiving week, all days between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, any weekend where the holiday falls on a Friday or Monday.)
  • Oral medication administration: $5.00 per day.
Our Discounts
  • Additional pet(s) from the same household: 5% per additional pet.
  • First responders and military service personnel: 5%

If your sitter has any questions for you during the visit, our app includes a chat feature so communication is instantaneous.

We’re sure that as a pet guardian, you want to make sure your four-legged family member is in good hands. And, of course, as pet guardians ourselves, we want to make sure that your pooch is a good fit for our household so all can enjoy an harmonious stay.

That’s why we require a Meet n’ Greet so we can all agree that the fit is doggone perfect.

Meet n’ Greets take about a half hour and are held off-site so as not to disturb our pack and our dog guests.

We highly recommend a Meet n’ Greet even if you don’t have immediate plans to take advantage of our services. Once it’s out of the way, you’ll have the ability to schedule a stay if something comes up last minute. And, besides, it’s a great way for all us to begin to get to know each other

Please click the link below to schedule a Meet n’ Greet

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