How Hot is Too Hot?

We are all painfully aware of the stories of dogs being left in closed cars with no ventilation and of their sad outcomes in many cases.  Thankfully, there are people who brave the consequences and break windows to rescue these poor innocent creatures.

It’s equally as sad for the owners because, in most cases, they were unaware, until it was too late, just how sensitive their furry friends are to heat.

Dogs don’t sweat the way humans do. In fact, the only places on their bodies that sweat are their paws and nose. Heat dissipation for a dog is a much more complicated process so what seems mildly uncomfortable to us may be extremely uncomfortable, or even life-threatening, to them.

As temperatures start to rise, it’s extremely important to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity when your dog is outside. If you decide to take a walk with your pooch, make sure to carry along plenty of water. Water is good both for making sure your dog is hydrated and can also be used to pour over him to cool him down.

At Just Happy Dogs, our home is climate controlled and we keep an eye on the temperature when outside with your furry friend.


This is a chart that helps you know when it is getting too hot for your dog.
A table showing when to keep your dog from overheating. (Curtesy of Petplan.)
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